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The Bahamian government has decided to tighten the rules related to water sports in the wake of an unprecedented number of accidents in which some tourists have been injured, and two tourists have lost their lives.

Deadly Jet Ski Accident

Just last May, a Carnival Cruise Lines’ Florida passenger was killed in a jet ski accident during a stop of the Carnival Sensation in Nassau, Bahamas. The victim, a 27-year-old woman, had a man in his late 20’s with her on the jet ski at the time of the accident. The jet ski passenger was injured and taken to a hospital in the Bahamas.

The jet ski was independently owned and rented to cruise ship passengers and other tourists by a Bahamian tour operator. These operators, who have explained their practices to The Tribune, claimed that they are all duly licensed by the Bahamian Port Authority and always operate within the law. However, a subsequent investigation revealed that the beach where the accident occurred had been ordered closed earlier that same day by authorities due to inclement weather. According to investigators, a warning had gone out to all water sport operators about that area being closed to water sport activities. Apparently, the company involved in this tragic death chose to ignore the warning.
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