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The drowning of a passenger who fell from the Carnival Liberty cruise ship last month serves as a reminder that improved safety measures are necessary to prevent the tragic death of those who fall overboard.  The passenger disappeared from the ninth deck of a vessel in the Bahamas according to the Coast Guard.  While it might be comforting to assume that this type of incident almost never occurs, approximately 290 people have fallen overboard since 2000 reports cruise expert Dr. Ross Klein.  Many of these incidents could be prevented with the exercise of due care by the cruise line and ship personnel.  In this blog, our cruise injury lawyers review new legislation designed to improve cruise safety and mitigate the risk of passengers drowning after accidentally falling from a cruise ship.

While Congress passed the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Actin in 2010 (CVSSA), which mandated various safety features including the implementation of automatic passenger overboard systems, the cruise industry has been slow to adopt this technology.  Many cruise lines continue to rely on traditional safeguards like railings, reports from the crew and family members, and unmonitored surveillance systems.  These solutions cause delays in discovering a passenger in the water so that the passenger is washed out to sea, drowns or suffer hypothermia before a search and rescue attempt can be initiated. Continue reading →

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Passengers enjoy cruises for many reasons that include a variety of live entertainment, recreational activities, exciting shore excursions, an abundance of good food, and lots of alcohol.  While alcohol consumption might be a featured part of any cruise for many travelers, intoxication increases a passenger’s vulnerability to hazards.  If you or a loved one is injured after selecting this form of travel, the cruise line will certainly raise alcohol use by a passenger as the cause of many accidents.  What cruise injury victims should keep in mind is that alcohol sales constitute one of the most lucrative sources of profit for cruise lines.  Our cruise accident lawyers know from experience that cruise lines often push alcohol sales at the expense of passenger safety.

In this blog, our Miami cruise injury attorneys review a recent case that examines liability of a cruise line for injuries to intoxicated passengers.  A couple traveling onboard the Carnival Dream were served 22 alcoholic drinks over a period of 12 hours.  Because the couple mostly drank Long Island iced teas, the beverages had a high alcohol content.  Evidence was introduced indicating that the evening the husband suffered his fatal fall, he was obviously intoxicated at dinner though he did not exhibit a loss of coordination or slurred speech.  Later that evening, he tumbled off a stool while sitting at the bar inside the ship’s casino.  The husband and wife purchase a final round of drinks approximately an hour after the fall in the casino.  When the wife went into a club, her husband stayed behind to smoke a cigarette.  The husband ends up heading back to his stateroom where he experienced a fatal fall from the balcony onto a lower deck. Continue reading →

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Cruise ship attorneys Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano keep a watchful eye on court decisions that potentially affect their clients. The case of Cubero v. Royal Caribbean Cruises, LTD. is of great interest to them because the recent decision issued by the judge may adversely affect their clients. Analyzing the decision prepares these seasoned attorneys to use this decision for their clients. The degree of preparedness and legal acumen sets these cruise ship accident attorneys from Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano apart from others.

The District Court for the Southern District of Florida recently issued a decision in the Cubero v. Royal Caribbean Cruises, LTD. case. The case comes before the court on a set of terribly tragic and unfortunate events. A man named Frank and a traveling companion set sail on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Liberty of the Seas. The cruise ship left from Fort Lauderdale and steamed toward its destination in Cozumel, Mexico. Frank took several alcoholic drinks one day during the voyage. At some point in time during the day, Frank’s traveling companion took ill and repaired to her stateroom. Frank went back to the bar and continued to drink. The same bartenders served Frank before and after his companion returned to her room. Frank was intoxicated, and the court found that his coordination and judgment suffered because of his high level of intoxication. Frank sat poolside for a little while then got up and went to the rail. Frank fell over the deck rail and plunged into the sea below. The emergency call for man overboard immediately rang out because someone saw Frank go over the railing. He was neither depressed nor suicidal. The crew stopped the ship and began a search of the area for Frank. The search was unsuccessful. The crew determined Frank drowned and no one recovered his body. At the time Frank died, he was living with and caring for his two children. His daughter was severely mentally handicapped after surviving a horrific car crash and his son battled Leukemia. Continue reading →

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Young children continue to fall victim to cruise ship accidents, and a recent accident has left one young boy with severe injuries.  As a cruise ship was traveling through the Caribbean, visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands as well as the Bahamas, an 8-year-old boy suffered a fractured skull and traumatic brain injury (TBI) after falling on a basketball court on Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Escape.”   Reports indicate that at the time the accident occurred, the parents were not there to witness what happened.

However, there is apparently a video available documenting the young boy’s fall which would help to shed light on what happened.  Norwegian Cruise Lines has refused to produce the video to the family, and the family has taken legal action against the cruise line both to compel the cruise liner to turn over the video as well as to seek recovery for the young boy’s traumatic injuries.

The Injured 8-Year-Old Boy is Learning How to Walk Again

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) have the potential to cause neurological challenges that could be temporary, or could last for a lifetime.  First and foremost, the young boy who suffered a fractured skull and TBI aboard the Escape is lucky to be alive, but he certainly faces challenges as he recovers from these devastating injuries.  At this time, the young boy has begun the process of learning how to walk again, something that we often take for granted.  Additional challenges TBI victims face include but are not limited to, the following: Continue reading →

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Cruise ship deaths often occur for a variety of reasons that are sometimes difficult to identify.  A way in which some people have lost their lives while on a cruise ship is to fall overboard.  The cruise ship industry asserts that the height of the railing on most cruise ships makes it extremely difficult to fall accidentally overboard, but this may not be true for all people.  The Florida Coast Guard has reported that passengers falling overboard or jumping from cruise ships occur more often than many people realize, stating that four to five people die each year off the coast of Florida from going overboard on a cruise ship.  This is an alarming amount that should raise concerns for passengers.

Our cruise ship accident lawyers at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano have extensive experience handling cruise ship accident cases that occur both off the coast of Florida as well as other parts of the world.  Falling overboard a very large cruise ship has a significant chance to result in fatal injuries, as some people have fallen nearly 100 feet to their death.  Our attorneys know how to quickly assess potential cases to determine if someone may be at fault for causing one’s injuries or death as a result of falling overboard a cruise ship. Continue reading →

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In October of 2013, 80 year old Elizabeth McQuillan went on a seven day cruise leaving from New Orleans aboard the Norwegian Jewel.  The trip was intended to be one of relaxation and fun. She boarded the ship and went to her cabin, but found her luggage was not there. She looked down the hallway and spotted it a few doors down from her cabin so she went to retrieve it.  However, as she walked towards the luggage there was a small step which caused her to trip and fall.  She dislocated her shoulder in the accident.  McQuillan required shoulder replacement surgery as a result of the accident. She filed suit against Norwegian Cruise Lines for a sum of $850,000 to cover her injuries and related expenses. Her case, though ultimately triumphant, highlights some of the challenges facing cruise ship accident victims.

Our cruise ship accident attorneys at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano have over 130 years of collective experience assisting cruise ship accident victims.  Our firm is dedicated to providing our injured clients with superior legal representation.  With our assistance, injured cruise ship accident victims can take on the massive cruise lines and obtain a full recovery. Continue reading →

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Our Miami cruise ship accident lawyers report that a woman fell or jumped overboard off the side of a cruise ship that hosted an electronic dance music festival.  The Mad Decent Boat Party was off the coast of Cuba when the victim, a 24 year old from South Carolina, jumped off the party cruise.  The chartered cruise departed from Miami and was headed to Cozumel, Mexico.  Immediately following the incident, the Coast Guard dispatched search and rescue crews to find the missing passenger, but efforts unfortunately did not uncover the body.  The cruise ship has issued a statement asserting that the passenger intentionally jumped overboard from a stateroom balcony.
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Our Miami cruise ship accident lawyers report on a disheartening story of loss aboard a cruise ship. A married, same sex couple set off on what should have been a dreamy Caribbean cruise.  The couple was celebrating a birthday.  However, just days after stepping foot on the large cruise ship, one of the spouses plummeted to his death.  The cruise line ruled the passenger’s death a suicide, but his husband believes something more ominous occurred, something related to the homophobic threats the men received from staff members.

What Happened Aboard the Oasis of the Seas?

On the first the couple boarded the ship, a bartended aboard called them “two lipsticks.”  The couple spoke to a supervisor and the bartender was switched out.  On the third night, the men consumed numerous cocktails and became inebriated.  The 31 year old shot a short film of the boat’s wave pool on his phone.  Allegedly a staffer then called the man a pedophile for taking the video and told him to stop.  At this point, the passenger became distraught.  He felt extremely insulted and saddened that the cruise line had treated him in this manner.  The incident escalated, waking up neighbors and involving more staff members.  Continue reading →

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Our experienced trip and fall lawyers find these accidents are the most common type of accident to occur aboard cruise ships.  The slick surfaces that abound on cruise ships, when combined with the motion of the boat and often crowded conditions, creates many opportunities for slip and fall accidents to occur.  Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries that will impact the victim for some time to come.

The Miami slip and fall lawyers at Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano. have assisted numerous slip and fall accident victims who were injured aboard a cruise ship.  We understand the complexities involving this sort of accident and offer the experience you need to obtain the compensation you deserve.  The following is a look at cruise line slip, trip, and falls and the cruise ship’s potential liability of these incidents. Continue reading →

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In recent years, our cruise ship accident attorneys have noted a trend of several large wave accidents that have resulted in the deaths of cruise ship passengers.  In February of 2014, a passenger aboard a British-based cruise ship was killed after being hit by a large wave during rough seas.  The elderly passenger died on the ship while another passenger was airlifted to shore for emergency medical assistance.  Officials report that a large wave hit the side of the ship while most passengers were dining in the ship’s restaurants.  The windows in the restaurant burst upon impact and several were injured.  Passengers were asked to go to their rooms, but for the deceased passenger, it was too late.

The Miami cruise ship accident lawyers at Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano, believe that cruise ships must take appropriate action in the face of rough seas that could result in turbulent waves and injuries to passengers.  When cruise ship passengers are injured due to sea conditions, the cruise ship could be held accountable.  If you have been injured in a cruise ship accident, contact our office as soon as possible.  With prompt action, you could recover for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering as a result of the accident. Continue reading →

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