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Miami-Dade County Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers Discuss Lawsuit Filed by Cruise Passengers for Auto Accident Injuries Suffered on Excursion  

If you have been on a cruise vacation involving any of the major cruise lines, you know that many of the recreational activities, tours, and shopping trips occur during excursions.  Despite the fact that you might have heard of an excursion from a crew member and signed up aboard the ship, cruise lines will work diligently to avoid liability for accidents that occur because of negligence during these activities.  The ticket contract that you did not sign, and almost certainly did not read closely, will include a provision expressly indicating that the cruise company is not liable for injuries caused by the negligence of the individuals and companies sponsoring or hosting these activities.  In this blog post, our cruise injury lawyers examine a recent lawsuit filed against Royal Caribbean cruise lines for injuries sustained by passengers during an auto accident while on a shore excursion.

According to the Miami Herald report, the crash caused injury to more than a dozen passengers and the death of another passenger.  The passengers were injured while riding on a tour bus in Jamaica that collided with a truck on its way back to the Royal Caribbean International’s Independence of the Seas.  The news report indicated that passengers of cruise ships that participate in such excursions are routinely “shocked” by the erratic driving of the Jamaican tour drivers on narrow winding roads. 

Eight of the injured passengers have filed a lawsuit against the Miami-based Royal Caribbean Cruises, the parent company.  The lawsuit alleges the tour bus driver was “speeding, driving erratically, and changing lanes frequently” before the crash.  The complaint also alleges that requests from passengers for the driver to slow down were ignored.  The driver was approaching a curve with minimal visibility on a two-lane road when he purportedly moved into oncoming traffic to pass another vehicle.  The truck collided broadside with the bus which then rolled over several times.

When you are injured during an excursion while traveling on a cruise line, you should speak promptly to a Miami cruise injury lawyer because these lawsuits present special challenges.  First, the ticket contract will contain a waiver of liability for the negligence of excursion operators and employees.  Even though you might not have signed the ticket or receipt, the language will deem purchase of the ticket as an agreement to the waiver.  Navigating around this pitfall can be very important because the excursion company might be a small mom and pop business with no insurance that has to be sued in a foreign country.

Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano:  Seeking Maximum Recovery for Damages Sustained Due to Negligence 

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