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Our Miami Cruise Ship Attorneys Consider the Duty of Cruise Ships to Maintain and Monitor Security Cameras

Cruise ships often accommodate 3,000 guests or more. These massive floating cities have significant security needs.  At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, our cruise ship attorneys understand the critical importance of security cameras on cruise ships. Cruise ships are equipped with pools, casinos, restaurants, and numerous other areas that could pose a threat to passengers.  Cruise ship surveillance provides important benefits, such as:

  • Crime prevention: Surveillance cameras can help to deter crimes, including theft and acts of violence. When crimes occur, footage of the incidents will prove important for prosecution.
  • Missing persons: There have been several cases of missing persons on cruise ships, and cameras are often the only way to trace the missing individual.
  • Accidents: Accidents happen on cruise ships and when they do, camera footage of the accident can be critical to determining the cruise line’s liability.

Monitoring Cameras on a Cruise Ship

While surveillance footage can prove vital after an accident or crime, it also holds the potential to prevent injuries or deaths before they occur. Cruise ships will often employ individuals to monitor security cameras, but there are no standards for how often and what areas of the ship should be monitored or what crewmembers should do if they see something suspicious.

The case of Tamblyn, et al. v Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD. addresses the duty of cruise lines to actively monitor security cameras.  The case involves cruise passenger Frank Flippo.  Flippo boarded a cruise with his wife in 2015.  As the ship returned to Fort Lauderdale, Flippo and his wife enjoyed a day at the pool.  He consumed several drinks and bartenders continued to serve him long after his wife retired for the night.  Flippo became intoxicated to the point of disorientation.  He approached the outer rails of the ship and fell overboard.  The cruise line discovered his fate soon afterward and initiated a search, but by then, it was too late.

The personal representative of Flippo’s estate filed suit against the cruise line, claiming, among other charges, that the ship was negligent for failing to meet its duty to maintain and monitor the ship’s security cameras. Had a crewmember spotted Flippo stumbling towards the railings, the accident could have been prevented.  While Royal Caribbean moved to dismiss the claim on summary judgment, the court found otherwise.  The court held that whether the defendant owed plaintiff the duty to monitor cameras is a legal duty that must be addressed at later stages of litigation.  Accordingly, the duty to monitor surveillance cameras will be addressed at a later date and could potentially have implications for future cruise ship accident litigation.

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