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Revisiting the Mysterious Disappearance of Disney Cruise Line Employee Rebecca Coriam

In 2011, British crew member Rebecca Coriam seemingly vanished without a trace off the cruise ship Disney Wonder.  To this day, the circumstances surrounding Coriam’s disappearance remain shrouded in mystery.  The Miami cruise ship attorneys at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano have a combined 130 years of experience representing cruise ship accident victims and their families.  We have assisted in many cases with confusing facts that require intense investigations.  Now, we review the disappearance of Rebecca Coriam and Disney’s role in this missing person case.

Coriam Vanishes

On the morning of March 22, 2011, Rebecca Coriam was in the crew lounge of the Disney Wonder as it sailed off the coast of Mexico.  There, a security camera recorded Coriam taking on the phone. She appeared to become upset.  She hangs up the call and leaves the crew lounge.  From there, she has never definitively been seen again.

When a search of the ship found no Coriam, investigations turned to the waters, presuming she had gone overboard.  A detective from the Royal Bahama Police Force flew in to investigate the disappearance because the ship is registered in the Bahamas.  He spent just one day aboard the ship investigating and flew home.

Theories swirled on Coriam’s disappearance, with the captain speculating that a large wave sent her overboard while at the crew pool. Others suggested she fell on the jogging track and went overboard.  Many believed the Disney and Bahamian police knew more about her disappearance than they were letting on.

Rebecca Coriam’s parents also wondered whether she could still be alive. They received a notice from the bank that someone had tried to access Rebecca’s account several months after her disappearance.  They also received a call from someone who stated they were quite positive they spotted Rebecca in Venice with a dark haired man.  Even further, her Facebook password was changed by someone with details about the account.

Coriam vs. Disney Cruise Lines

Frustrated with the investigation and believing Disney played a role in the disappearance of their daughter, Coriam’s family filed suit against Disney in America.  The family asserted that Disney failed to exercise due care in investigating the disappearance.  It took the ship three hours to check CCTV footage and seven hours to call the police.  Further, the family speculated that foul play may have caused their daughter’s death.

Disney settled out of court with the Coriams for an undisclosed amount in 2015.   Speculation continues to surround the disappearance of Rebecca Coriam.  Investigations are ongoing and now seem to focus on the theory that Coriam may have been murdered and her death covered up.  We hope new investigations uncover the truth that Coriam’s family so deserves to know.

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