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Miami Cruise Ship Attorneys Examine Recent Cruise Ship Accidents

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines owns and operates the world’s largest cruise ship. Royal Caribbean launched the ship early in 2016. The ship’s name is “Harmony of the Seas.” The ship is massive. From bow to stern, the Harmony of the Seas is almost four American football fields long.  The ship reaches 200 feet, or approximately 25 stories into the air above the water line.  Its size is one thing. Its amenities are another. The vessel boasts 20 restaurants, 23 swimming pools, a casino, and a theater. The ship has the capacity to carry 8,000 passengers and crew. The Harmony of the Seas quite literally is a buoyant, yet grand, luxury hotel. The ship’s builders engineered the Harmony of the Seas so that all who sail upon her has the time of their lives.  The cruise ship attorneys at Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano remind passengers that injuries and death can happen while at sea.

Unfortunately, the engineering marvel known as the Harmony of the Seas is not immune from tragedy.  According to the BBC, a crewmember lost his life in an accident on board. Four additional crewmen were injured as well. The mishap occurred while the crewmen were practicing lifeboat safety.  The lifeboat became dislodged from its moorings on the fifth deck. The craft and crew plummeted over 30 feet to the water below. As a result, a 42-year-old man lost his life, and two other men suffered life-threatening injuries.

Other cruise ship accidents have recently occurred as well. A cruise ship crashed into a pier while approaching an Alaska port. The ship is a member of the Celebrity Cruise lines. In June of 2016, the ship attempted to dock to allow for passenger excursion. The seas were rough at the time. The weather was damp and cool. The wind gusted up to 45 miles per hour. The atmospheric conditions made docking tight. The ship slammed into the pier while negotiating the wind and waves. The boat tore down the dock causing between $2 million and $3 million in damage.  The ship scraped the broken pier and suffered cosmetic damage. Boaters nearby captured the crash on video. Fortunately, the accident did not cause any personal injuries.  The United States Coast Guard started an investigation into the incident.

A crash in Baltimore preceded the accident in Alaska.  The USA Today reported that a Carnival cruise ship with a 2,124 passenger capacity slammed into a gangway at the Port of Baltimore.  The walkway collapsed onto three parked cars below it. No one was on the gangway when the ship struck it, and no one reported suffering an injury from the crash. Passengers said that the ship swayed after hearing a loud bang.  Port authorities started an investigation into why the crash happened. Unlike the conditions in Alaska, no one pointed to weather conditions as a contributing cause of the accident.

A Norweigan cruise liner in Seattle also experienced an unexpected propulsion problem. The engine difficulty jolted the ship, causing it to tip severely toward one side. Several passengers suffered injuries from the sudden change in direction. The ship went to a nearby port to unload injured passengers.  Some passengers complained that the crew did nothing to alleviate any of the damage caused by the ship nearly capsizing. However, the Captian praised his team for working as hard as they could during the emergency.

These Stories Are A Reminder That Tragedy Can Strike Anytime On The Open Seas

In a perfect world, nothing bad would happen to people while they on vacation. Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano, the law firm the Miami Herald rated as tops in Miami, understands that while cruising is a tremendously fun and adventurous vacation, they are ready to represent you if you suffered injuries on a cruise ship.  Our lawyers have over 130 years of collective legal experience, so call the Martindale-Hubbell AV-rated firm today at (888) 499-9700 or (305) 595-2400 today to schedule your free consultation.


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