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Cruise Ship Crew Member Dies After Accident During Weekly Safety Drill

The cruise liner Norwegian Breakaway recently lost one of its crew members during a weekly safety drill when a lifeboat carrying the crew member detached from its tethering, which, according to some accounts, may have been left hanging by one wire before the accident occurred.  A nearby tour boat attempted to bring the 41-year-old crew member to safety, but despite its best efforts, the man later lost his life.  The man had several broken bones and was unable to move.  The impact of slamming into the ocean likely caused this man significant injuries that resulted in his untimely death.

Who is to Blame?

It is unfortunate that a crew member has lost his life while undergoing a weekly safety drill that presumably is meant to make the cruise ship safer and to ensure all crew members know what to do in an emergency.  More likely than not, the focus of the investigation of this cruise ship accident will be on whether or not the lifeboat was safely attached to the cruise liner so that there was a decreased chance of the lifeboat detaching and dropping into the ocean.

However, it is way too early to jump to conclusions as there are many other factors that may have played a role in this cruise ship accident.  This accident demonstrates that no two cruise ship accidents are ever alike.  In addition to Norwegian Breakaway accident, there are varying types of cruise ship accidents that we have seen over the years include, but are not limited to:

  • Slip and falls onboard the cruise ship causing injuries (whether the injured person is a passenger or crew member);
  • Swimming pool drownings typically affecting young children;
  • Food poisoning and airborne illnesses that have landed passengers and crew members in the hospital;
  • Cruise ship fires;
  • Cruise ship groundings (where the ship comes into contact with the seabed); and
  • Collisions with other cruise ships or boats.

Any of the accident types listed above can result in significant injuries, illnesses, and even death in some circumstances.  It is unquestionable that we all take a risk by choosing to be a passenger or crew member onboard a cruise ship; however, we do not bargain for many of the types of accidents that occur.  For example, passengers expect that the floors onboard a cruise ship will be dry, and absent a storm that makes it difficult if not impossible to keep the floors from getting wet, passengers should not be suffering injuries by slipping and falling simply because the floors are not properly maintained.

There are always outside forces such as weather that may play a role in the different types of cruise ship accidents listed above, but by and large many of these accidents are preventable with due care and oversight of both crew members and passengers alike.

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