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Florida Coast Guard Reports Passengers Jumping from Cruise Ships

Cruise ship deaths often occur for a variety of reasons that are sometimes difficult to identify.  A way in which some people have lost their lives while on a cruise ship is to fall overboard.  The cruise ship industry asserts that the height of the railing on most cruise ships makes it extremely difficult to fall accidentally overboard, but this may not be true for all people.  The Florida Coast Guard has reported that passengers falling overboard or jumping from cruise ships occur more often than many people realize, stating that four to five people die each year off the coast of Florida from going overboard on a cruise ship.  This is an alarming amount that should raise concerns for passengers.

Our cruise ship accident lawyers at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano have extensive experience handling cruise ship accident cases that occur both off the coast of Florida as well as other parts of the world.  Falling overboard a very large cruise ship has a significant chance to result in fatal injuries, as some people have fallen nearly 100 feet to their death.  Our attorneys know how to quickly assess potential cases to determine if someone may be at fault for causing one’s injuries or death as a result of falling overboard a cruise ship.

The Florida Coast Guard has identified a variety of reasons why cruise ship passengers fall overboard.  Some are thought to be suicides while others are thought to be related to alcohol, and insufficient barriers, among others.  Most cruise ships have at least a 45-inch barrier, and some cruise ships have even higher barriers.  This may be considered to be a sufficient barrier to some, but insufficient to others.  For example, a person’s height will play a role in whether or not a barrier is truly protecting the person.  The taller a person is, the less protective a cruise ship barrier will be.

Because overboard accidents can occur for many reasons, it can be difficult to get to the bottom of what happened when a passenger falls overboard from a cruise ship.  Regardless of what the true cause of the accident may be, it is important to know all of the facts of the case which can be discovered with the assistance of a qualified legal professional who handles cruise ship accident cases on a regular basis.

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The sheer size of cruise ships demonstrates that injuries are likely to be severe if not fatal if a passenger falls overboard.  While some cruise ship accidents are presumed to be suicide, other accidents have occurred that do not involve suicide or alcohol.  If you have suffered any type of injuries resulting from a cruise ship accident, speaking with a South Florida Cruise Ship Accident Attorney is a good decision to make to have all of your legal questions answered and concerns addressed.  It is important to act quickly as there are time limitations on how long you have to file a lawsuit.  At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, we have more than 130 years of combined professional experience helping injured individuals and their loved ones from all across South Florida.  Greenberg, Stone & Urbano has received an AV rating from Martindale Hubbell and has also been named a Top South Florida Law Firm by the Miami Herald.  To schedule your free consultation to discuss your situation with one of our South Florida Cruise Ship Accident Attorneys, contact our office today by calling (888) 499-9700 or (305) 595-2400.  You may also contact us online by visiting our website.



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