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Anthem of the Seas Forced to Turn Around Again Due to Potential Storm

The Anthem of the Seas has once again been forced to turn back due to a severe storm forecast.  This cruise ship made headline news earlier in the month when it sailed into a massive storm, forcing passengers to remain huddled in their rooms for about 12 hours as the shipped rocked violently in 125 mile per hour winds.  Royal Caribbean appears now to be exercising extreme caution by turning the ship around in the face of some threatening weather.

The cruise ship accident lawyers at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano have followed the Anthem of the Seas saga closely.  We anticipated several more lawsuits will be filed by passengers injured and traumatized by the intense cruise earlier in the month.  It seems Royal Caribbean has truly altered its storm avoidance policy and future dangerous cruises should be avoided.

Litigation Is Starting Against Royal Caribbean

The Anthem of the Seas set sail from New Jersey on February 6 on a seven-day trip to Florida and the Caribbean.  According to news reports, when the ship set sail severe weather had already been predicted.  Despite the forecast, the captain continued to sail on the intended route.  The over 6,000 people aboard the ship experienced intense rocking and some sustained injuries and damage to their staterooms.  Many passengers were emotionally traumatized by the journey. 

Royal Caribbean has been harshly criticized for its decision to sail into the storm, placing thousands of lives at risk.  Since the cruise returned, at least two lawsuits have already been filed against Royal Caribbean.  One involved a passenger who was flung across his room due to the waves and sustained serious injuries.  Another is seeking class action status and plans to fight for punitive damages for the passengers involved.

The Cruise Line’s Responsibility to Avoid Storms

All cruise lines have a responsibility to exercise reasonable care in ensuring the safety of their passengers.  This would include ensuring the seas are safe for the cruise ship and its thousands of passengers and crew members aboard.  Cruise lines generally have extensive storm detection systems in place and should closely monitor storm activity.  Cruise ships should additionally have a stringent policy in place to determine whether they should continue or turn back in the face of a storm.

Royal Caribbean has re-assessed its policy in light of the recent disastrous cruise, and it is likely many other cruise lines will also be looking at their policies.  Storms pose a considerable threat to passengers and crew members.  Passengers could fall into objects or even face being thrown overboard.  The entire experience can also have lasting psychological effects.

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