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First Lawsuit Filed by Anthem of the Seas Passenger Against Royal Caribbean

Recently, the first lawsuit was filed against Royal Caribbean by an Anthem of the Seas passenger.  The lawsuit challenges the cruise line’s decision to sail despite predictions of serious storms.  The lawsuit is entitled Simpson v. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd and it was filed in South Florida.  In the lawsuit, the cruise ship passenger stated that the massive cruise ship rocked and tilted violently during the ill-fated voyage and he was flung some 18 feet against the door of his cabin, knocking him unconscious.

The Miami cruise ship accident attorneys at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano assist cruise ship passengers like those aboard the Anthem of the Seas who experience injuries and other trauma while cruising.  We are saddened to hear of the horrific experience of the passengers aboard the Anthem of the Seas and hope this cruise ship disaster provides a learning experience so that others do not have to experience the fear of these passengers in the future.  Our firm continues to provide experienced and dedicated representation to all injured cruise ship passengers.

Chaos and a Lack of Medical Care

Plaintiff Simpson relays in his lawsuit that after his injury, he attempted to seek much needed medical treatment.  He was greeted by chaos and a lack of emergency services.  He was told to wait in his room until the storm calmed before seeking medical treatment.

The lawsuit claims that Royal Caribbean acted in a negligent manner when it operated the cruise ship despite knowledge of an approaching storm.  Royal Caribbean’s negligence, Simpson claims, resulted in considerable injuries to his person.

Royal Caribbean has yet to respond to the lawsuit.  Another lawsuit, seeking class action status, has since been filed against the cruise company giant.  Thus far, the company has offered passengers aboard the Anthem of the Seas a refund and an additional voucher worth 50 percent of what they paid for the cruise.

All passengers aboard the Anthem of the Seas who suffered injuries should seek the assistance of a licensed cruise ship accident attorney, as should anyone injured on a cruise ship.  The cruise lines have experienced and powerful attorneys on their side to defend against any claims.  Injured cruise ship passengers will need the assistance of a skilled law firm to bring a successful action against the cruise line industry.

Injured cruise ship passengers can seek compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.  The value of your case will depend upon the unique circumstances surrounding it.  Injured cruise ship passengers should consult with an attorney for more information as to their legal rights.

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