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Frequently Asked Questions About Cruise Ship Accidents

The cruise ship accident attorneys at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano know how stressful and confusing it can be to be involved in a cruise ship accident.  We offer the following look at some questions frequently asked by cruise ship accident victims.  For assistance with your individual case, call us as soon as possible after your injury.

Q:  What do I do after I have been injured on a cruise ship?

A:  You should first seek appropriate medical care.  Contact the ship’s medical center right away.  The ship should offer 24 hour medical care, ensuring you receive the medical attention you need no matter when the accident occurs.

Q: Who should I inform of the accident?

A:  You will need to file a written cruise ship accident report.  The medical center should be able to assist you in filing and obtaining a copy of this filed report.  Do not skip this vital step as it will be important to your later claim.

Q:  Should I get off the ship after an accident?

A:  The answer to this question will largely depend upon the extent of your injuries, how you are feeling, and what the doctor recommends.  We do not want to see your cruise vacation ruined, but at the same time you do not want to do anything to worsen your injuries.  Consult with the cruise ship doctor as to the best course of action.

Q:  Why should I obtain a lawyer after my accident?

A:  Cruise ship accident claims can be quite complex and involve a web of federal, maritime, and international law issues.  Cruise ship passengers have a limited time within which to file written notice and their claim.  Cruise lines have sophisticated counsel and investigators that will defend against your claim at all costs.  You need an experienced lawyer by your side to even the playing field and provide you with the best chance at a full recovery.

Q:  How long will my case take to resolve?

A:  Every case is different, but most cruise ship accident cases can be settled or go to trial within one year with the assistance of an aggressive and experienced attorney.  At times, cases can settle in just a few days, weeks, or months.  However, speed is not the main objective for any case; rather, obtaining the maximum compensation possible for an injured client will be the ultimate goal.

Q:  Do I need a Miami cruise ship accident attorney?

A:  Every case is different, but the majority of cruise lines require that lawsuits be filed in the United States Federal Courthouse in Miami.  As such, you would be wise to seek the assistance of a Miami cruise ship accident lawyer who is licensed to practice in the area and has experienced in this field.

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