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Woman Goes Overboard on Party Cruise Ship

Our Miami cruise ship accident lawyers report that a woman fell or jumped overboard off the side of a cruise ship that hosted an electronic dance music festival.  The Mad Decent Boat Party was off the coast of Cuba when the victim, a 24 year old from South Carolina, jumped off the party cruise.  The chartered cruise departed from Miami and was headed to Cozumel, Mexico.  Immediately following the incident, the Coast Guard dispatched search and rescue crews to find the missing passenger, but efforts unfortunately did not uncover the body.  The cruise ship has issued a statement asserting that the passenger intentionally jumped overboard from a stateroom balcony.

Causes of Overboard Accidents

There are numerous causes of overboard accidents and most often these accidents do not happen by pure accident.  Often, excessive alcohol consumption is a factor in the incident.  Heavily intoxicated passengers may either be so intoxicated that they trip and fall or hang too close to balconies and tumble overboard.  At times, the cruise line can be held accountable for overboard crashes caused by excessive alcohol consumption. If the cruise line bartenders knowingly continued to serve highly intoxicated passengers, the cruise ship could be legally responsible for the overboard deaths that follow.

Foul play is another major factor in some overboard accidents.  Hostile fights can lead to passengers being shoved or thrown overboard.  Other times, passengers go overboard as a result of suicide.  Distraught passengers may use the cruise ship as a means of taking their own life.

Preventing Overboard Deaths

The Coast Guard has taken steps to regulate cruise ships in order to prevent accidental overboard accidents.  For instance, the Coast Guard mandates that cruise ship railings be a certain height so that passengers cannot accidently tumble overboard.  Even further, all cruise ships must have certain procedures to follow in the event that a passenger does fall overboard.

Technologies do exist to prevent overboard accidents.  Fall alert technologies operate using thermal detection systems and motion sensors.  They can alert the cruise ship if a person is detected overboard or about to go overboard on the ship.  While some cruise ships have already adopted these technologies, others are waiting, presumably for a federal mandate.  Many anticipate that fall detection systems will be included on all cruise ships in the near future.

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