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Norwegian Cruise Unveils its Largest Cruise Ship Yet, But Is Bigger Always Better?

Our Miami cruise ship accident lawyers report that The Norwegian Escape, the world’s newest cruise ship, recently launched out of Miami.  Its maiden voyage was celebrated by rapper Pitbull and a plethora of food and drink.  The Norwegian Escape is the largest cruise ship in the Norwegian line and the fifth largest in the world.  It holds 4,200 passengers aboard its 18 decks.  Many describe it as more like a small city than a cruise ship.  The ship was built by a German creator and took over a year to complete.  It is said to be the most advanced cruise ship in the world, featuring the largest water park and rope obstacle course.

Bigger Is Not Better Unless It Is Safer

The entire cruise industry seems to be in a rush to build cruise ships bigger and bigger.  The more passengers the cruise line can hold, the better for the cruise line itself.  However, passengers do not always benefit from the larger size.  Passengers aboard colossal ships often complain of long lines and even longer waits, crowded conditions, and less personal attention.  Even more critical, these massive ships can be vectors for disease with so many people from around the world aboard.  Large ships could also lead to crowd related accidents, such as slip and falls. 

Hopefully, along with building ships increasingly large, the cruise ship creators are also focusing on designing safer ships.  Large ships are in need of well tested slip-resistant surfaces spread throughout the ship.  Further, all thresholds in cruise ships should be marked with adequate warnings and sufficient lighting.  Cruise lines should thoroughly investigate on shore excursion companies before offering their services, looking carefully at the company’s safety record and whether the company is adequately insured.  Cruise ship staff must be thoroughly trained and ships staffed adequately.

These are just a few of the steps cruise lines can take to prevent injury to passengers.  If you are injured while aboard a cruise ship or while participating in an on shore excursion, contact a cruise ship accident attorney as soon as possible.  Your attorney will assist you in investigating the accident.  Cruise lines will defend themselves against any claims aggressively, but with an experienced lawyer on your side you can obtain the compensation you deserve.

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