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Injured Cruise Ship Passenger Awarded $21 Million

Our Miami cruise ship accident attorneys report that a federal jury out of Seattle awarded $21.5 million in damages to a cruise ship passenger injured by the automatic sliding glass doors aboard the ship.  The incident occurred in 2011 when the Illinois passenger set sail aboard the M/S Amsterdam, heading to Hawaii.  The 61 year old passenger, who was traveling with his wife and daughter, was in the first leg of his Holland America cruise around the world when he was hit in the face and side of the head by the automatic doors.  Holland America asserted that the passenger walked into the closing doors.  However, evidence produced in court revealed that at least 35 sliding glass door incidents had occurred prior to this incident.  It was then uncovered that motion sensors on the doors were set to open and close at a faster rate than normal.

The passenger and plaintiff in the action suffered serious injuries as a result of the sliding door incident.  He experienced a minor brain injury that has left him with seizures, memory loss, vertigo, and other ongoing difficulties.  In light of the alarming evidence as to the cruise line’s knowledge of the dangers of the doors and the passenger’s severe injuries, the jury came back with a large award.  Holland America Lines has vowed to appeal the verdict.

Cruise Ship Injuries

Cruises are intended to provide passengers with relaxation and fun.  These dream vacations generally operate smoothly, but for a few passengers their ideal vacation can turn dangerous.  Cruise ship passengers have been known to suffer slip and falls, fires, assaults by crewmembers or other passengers, overboard accidents, swimming pool accidents, medical malpractice by cruise ship doctors, shore side excursion accidents, and more. Other passengers become extremely ill aboard cruise ships, contracting a wide variety of contagious illnesses that can leave them still suffering when they depart the ship.

Anyone who is injured or takes ill aboard a cruise ship should consult with an attorney as soon as possible.  Your attorney will assist in investigating the incident to uncover whether negligence played a role in causing your injuries.  If it appears negligence was at play, you could have a viable claim against the cruise line.

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