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Cruise Ship Suicide or Something More? A Look at the Recent Royal Caribbean Overboard Death

Our Miami cruise ship accident lawyers report on a disheartening story of loss aboard a cruise ship. A married, same sex couple set off on what should have been a dreamy Caribbean cruise.  The couple was celebrating a birthday.  However, just days after stepping foot on the large cruise ship, one of the spouses plummeted to his death.  The cruise line ruled the passenger’s death a suicide, but his husband believes something more ominous occurred, something related to the homophobic threats the men received from staff members.

What Happened Aboard the Oasis of the Seas?

On the first the couple boarded the ship, a bartended aboard called them “two lipsticks.”  The couple spoke to a supervisor and the bartender was switched out.  On the third night, the men consumed numerous cocktails and became inebriated.  The 31 year old shot a short film of the boat’s wave pool on his phone.  Allegedly a staffer then called the man a pedophile for taking the video and told him to stop.  At this point, the passenger became distraught.  He felt extremely insulted and saddened that the cruise line had treated him in this manner.  The incident escalated, waking up neighbors and involving more staff members. 

The next step is disputed—witnesses report suddenly seeing the passenger clinging to a lifeboat on the side of the ship.  He appeared to be trying to hold on.  Terrified cruise ship passengers captured the scene and the husband’s screams can be heard in the background as his spouse plummets into the ocean below.  The ship allegedly kept on going for a few minutes before stopping and initiating search efforts.  Sadly, the man’s body was never recovered.

Now, an attorney representing the interests of the surviving spouse is contending that the cruise line did not take appropriate action to save the victim and even further the homophobic threats by staff members sent the passenger into an emotional upheaval.  According to the attorney, the victim clung onto the lifeboat for some time and crew members did not throw him a life vest or rope, or otherwise attempt to save his life.

This disturbing overboard accident sheds light on the complexity of some cruise ship accidents and the need for complete investigations.  Anyone who has lost a loved one in a cruise ship accident or experienced injury aboard a ship should consult with a licensed Florida cruise ship accident attorney as soon as possible.

Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano:  Experienced Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers

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