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Suicide or Something Else?  SuperStar Gemini to Release Video Footage of Overboard Accident

Our legal team report that a 30 year old male passenger had disappeared from the cruise ship SuperStar Gemini, operated by Star Cruises, while traveling in the Strait of Malacca.  The business man was traveling with his extended family when he suddenly disappeared.  He was last seen around midnight on October 6.  The family did not realize their loved one was missing until the next day.  For some time afterward, the family claims it was left in the dark.  The cruise ship later claimed that the man committed suicide and they have a video showing him leap from the ship.  The family countered that the man was happy and showed no signs of committing suicide.

Now, Star Cruises has agreed to release the CCTV video of the passenger going overboard.  The family is awaiting this piece of evidence and has stated that the passenger was roughed up by a crew member aboard the ship prior to his disappearance.  No search and rescue efforts were made to retrieve the man, which has been another point of contention by the family.

The Miami cruise ship accident attorneys at Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano are saddened to hear of this recent accident involving a promising businessman. We hope that a full investigation into the matter will give the family peace and resolve any questions as to liability.  Like any overboard accident, this one is complex and requires a complete investigation into every aspect of the incident.

Determining the Cause of Overboard Accidents

Overboard accidents can have many causes.  While a few are the result of pure accident, more often suicide or foul play is involved.  Cruise ship railings are intended to prevent passengers from easily falling overboard in the event of a slip and fall or other accident, making accidental falls a rarity.

At times, passengers do commit suicide off of cruise ships. At times, these passengers are suffering from mental illness and displayed signs of suicide for some time prior to the event.  Other times, alcohol plays a role in the overboard incident.  Heavily intoxicated passengers have been known to climb railings and accidently fall overboard. At times, the cruise ship that continued to serve the intoxicated passenger can be held accountable for these deaths.

Foul play is always a possibility in the event of an overboard accident.  Investigations should include the possibility that someone aboard the ship, including a crew member, could have thrown the victim overboard.

Technology exists to alert cruise ships to a passenger falling overboard. Unfortunately, not all cruise lines have adapted this technology and passengers continue to perish in these accidents.  Contact a South Florida cruise ship accident attorney as soon as possible if you have lost a loved one in an overboard accident.

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