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Cruise Line Slips, Trips, and Falls

Our experienced trip and fall lawyers find these accidents are the most common type of accident to occur aboard cruise ships.  The slick surfaces that abound on cruise ships, when combined with the motion of the boat and often crowded conditions, creates many opportunities for slip and fall accidents to occur.  Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries that will impact the victim for some time to come.

The Miami slip and fall lawyers at Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano. have assisted numerous slip and fall accident victims who were injured aboard a cruise ship.  We understand the complexities involving this sort of accident and offer the experience you need to obtain the compensation you deserve.  The following is a look at cruise line slip, trip, and falls and the cruise ship’s potential liability of these incidents.

Cruise Ship Slip and Falls Can Result in Considerable Injuries

While some slip and falls cause just minor bruising or contusions, others have catastrophic results.  One 2009 cruise ship accident demonstrates this unfortunate reality.  A passenger aboard a Carnival ship slipped and fell on the pool deck surface.  She suffered several fractures, including a fractured knee cap and patella.  She underwent six surgeries and is expected to need at least one more serious surgery.

The victim filed suit against the cruise line, arguing that the accident occurred due to a newly installed resin surface that was extremely slippery.  Carnival admitted to liability due to a host of other slip and fall accidents that had occurred on another fleet using the same surface.  The victim was awarded close to $3 million in damages due to the severity of her injuries.

This is just one case and not representative of the recovery of every slip and fall accident victim.  Your exact recovery will depend upon several factors, including the negligence of the cruise line, your injuries and other damages, and the cruise line’s actions in relation to the accident.  Most courts will consider the extent of the victim’s medical injuries, which includes addressing past, current, and future medical expenses.  If the victim will experience ongoing disability or injuries due to the accident, he or she may be eligible to receive additional compensation.

The court will also consider the impact of the injuries on the victim’s job.  When cruise ship accident victims suffer injuries that prevent him or her from returning to work or resuming their original position, they may be entitled to compensation for their lost wages or loss of income related to changing job positions.

Anyone injured in an accident should consult with a cruise ship accident lawyer as soon as possible.  Your attorney will review your case and advise you as to your right to recover, as well as your potential compensable damages.

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