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How Can a Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Hundreds of cruise ship accidents will occur each year and many other passengers will take seriously ill while cruising.  Some cruise ship accidents include slip and falls, assaults, and overboard accidents.  If you are injured in a cruise ship related accident, you will likely find yourself asking how a cruise ship accident lawyer can help you.  There are several vital reasons why you will benefit greatly from seeking the assistance of a cruise ship accident attorney.

Cruise Ship Accidents Are Complex

Cruise ship accidents are governed by maritime laws and regulations.  This is a unique area of law that people without intimate knowledge and training cannot handle themselves.  Cruise lines are armed with powerful attorney teams who will defend any claims brought against them fiercely.  Anyone injured on a cruise line will require the assistance of an experienced attorney who will strongly mount their case against the powerful cruise line.  Your attorney will use his or her experience in the field and understanding of maritime law to seek the best possible outcome for your case.

Your Attorney Will File Your Injury Claims For You

Filing a claim against the cruise line is not a simple process.  The cruise line’s legal department has already stacked the deck against passengers who wish to file claims against the cruise line for injuries they have suffered while traveling.  The cruise line, in the ticket contract you signed with you booked your cruise, will dictate where the lawsuit must be filed, when it must be filed, and when you must notify the cruise line that you are intending to file suit.  There are specific timelines that you must meet and a specific process that must be followed in order to successfully file a lawsuit against the cruise line.

Injured passengers are already dealing with doctor’s visits and the pain and frustration of their injuries.  They may quickly become confused by the legal process and could file their lawsuit incorrectly.  In doing so, they can miss out on potential compensation entirely.  If this occurs, injured passengers could be stuck grappling with unpaid medical expenses, missed time at work, and a reduced quality of life due to their injuries.

Your potential cruise ship accident attorney will investigate the facts surrounding your accident and create a plan of action for seeking compensation for your injuries.  There is generally no fee charged for retaining the assistance of a cruise ship accident attorney.  Most cruise ship injury attorneys will operate on a contingency fee arrangement, meaning that you can retain the assistance you need to obtain the best possible outcome on your case without paying large sums out of pocket.

Greenberg Stone and Urbano:  Put Our Over 130 Years of Collective Experience to Work on Your Case!

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