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What to Do If You Have Been Injured or Taken Ill on a Cruise Ship

Millions of people set off on cruise ship excursions each year seeking fun and relaxation. No one expects to be harmed while enjoying a cruise ship vacation, but sadly thousands of individuals are injured or killed in cruise ship accidents. Accidents often result from cruise line negligence. Injuries commonly arise from slip/trip and falls, unsafe shore excursions, the ship’s failure to inspect and maintain their vessel, and inadequate security. Illnesses also abound, frequently striking a large number of cruise passengers due to the ship’s failure to take adequate sanitation measures.

Being injured or taking ill on a cruise ship can be frightening. You are often out at sea, isolated from hospitals, doctors, and mainland comforts. The following is a list of the steps our Miami cruise ship accident lawyers think you should take if you have been injured or contracted an illness on a cruise ship. Adherence to these protocols will help protect your chance at a later recovery and ensure proper medical treatment.

1. Seek immediate medical assistance–the first thing you must do is seek help right away for your injury or illness. Go to the ship’s doctor or seek other first aid treatment so that your injury can be evaluated and proper medical care administered. Make sure that before you leave the ship you have a copy of your entire medical records from the ship, including x-rays, medications etc.

2. Document your injuries–the more information you can gather concerning your injuries, the better your chances of recovery. Write down the contact information of anyone involved in the accident or who witnessed it. Take photographs and videos of the scene of the accident and your injury. If you are unable to, ask someone else to do so. Finally, file a written report of the accident with the cruise ship and obtain a copy of the report. If you become ill, compile similar documentation. Write down the names of other individuals who contracted the same illness, obtain copies of your medical treatment, and take notes of your own symptoms.

3. Contact a cruise ship injury attorney–you should contact an attorney as soon as possible following the accident or illness. If possible, call a cruise ship accident attorney while still aboard the ship as they may be able to offer vital advice as to action that can be taken while you are still on the ship. If you are unable to reach an attorney while on the ship, schedule a consult with one as soon as you return to the port. You need to secure the representation of an attorney well versed in cruise ship injury law, as this is a unique field of law with particular laws and rules. You have limited time to pursue an action against the cruise line, with the exact statute of limitations outlined in your cruise contract. Do not delay; seek the assistance of an attorney as soon as possible.

I recommend that every person who travels have their medical records on a flash drive. By doing so, if you are in need to medical assistance anywhere, the doctors and nurses can review your medcal history which may aid them in diagnosing your condition and treating it.

IMPORTANT TIP: In each and every case our office handles we make it a practice to go over each and every complaint our client has from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet. We do this because patients fail to tell their physician all of their complaints, thinking that what they are feeling is not related to the injuries received in their case. We are not doctors but we explain to the client to let the doctor know because he/she may feel that there is a relation. For example, a person complaining of lower back pain may not tell their doctor that they are having tingling or numbness in their leg. By telling the doctor this, they can examine the patient and determine the cause of the complaint.

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