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Cruise Ship Slip and Falls

Slip and fall, and tripping accidents occur at alarming rates on cruise ships. Our Miami cruise ship accident lawyers know how these accidents can happen anywhere, from the ship’s deck, by the pool, in the many restaurants and dining halls, on gangways, or during on shore excursions. Due to the large number of wet surfaces aboard a cruise ship, the limited number of life guards, and the sometimes crowded conditions on the ship, slip and fall accidents are more common on cruise ships than in many other locations.

Slip and fall accidents can lead to a variety of injuries, ranging from the very minor to the catastrophic. Possible injuries include:

• Cuts and lacerations–while relatively minor, these injuries can require medical treatment and can lead to more serious infections. Certain lacerations can effect muscle, tendons and require a good deal of emergent and follow up care.

• Broken bones–slipping and falling on a slippery surface can result in broken limbs, hips, and the like, which will equate to medical expenses and missed days at work.

• Back and spinal cord injuries–the back is particularly prone to injury during a slip and fall accidents. Back injuries can range from lower back contusions, compressions, and strains, all the way to damaged nerve roots in the spinal cord and potential paralysis.

• Traumatic brain injuries–perhaps the most devastating of potential injuries, traumatic brain injury can lead to permanent changes in memory, vision, and intellectual functioning.

There are several dangerous conditions that can lead to a cruise ship slip and fall, including:

• Slippery surfaces, such as a wet deck or pool area • Slippery bathroom floors • Poorly designed stairways • Poorly designed decks • Dangerously designed cabin doors, such as doors that shut too quickly, trapping fingers • Insufficient lighting • Dangerous conditions at the pool or waterslide that create a possibility of injury or drowning • Poorly designed gangways • Slippery surfaces on gangways

Along with these dangerous conditions on the ship, hazards abound on shore. The cruise line can be held responsible for excursions which it promotes. If a slip and fall injury arises from a dangerous shore excursion or tour, injured individuals can seek compensation from the cruise ship.

Anyone one who has suffered a slip and fall injury while traveling on a cruise can file a cruise accident lawsuit, seeking compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, physical therapy, and permanent disability, among others. Your time to file such a suit will depend upon your contract with the cruise line. Most require notice within 6 months and that suit be filed within one (1) year in Miami, regardless of where in the world the injury occurs or where you live. This contract is usually included with the ticket, and is automatically agreed to upon purchase of the cruise. In Florida, the time to file a personal injury suit caused by negligence is four years. However, if your cruise contract outlines a different statute of limitations, the Court’s have ruled that you are bound by those terms.


In each and every case our office handles we make it a practice to go over each and every complaint our client has from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet. We do this because patients fail to tell their physician all of their complaints, thinking that what they are feeling is not related to the injuries received in their case. We are not doctors but we explain to the client to let the doctor know because he/she may feel that there is a relation. For example, a person complaining of lower back pain may not tell their doctor that they are having tingling or numbness in their leg. By telling the doctor this, they can examine the patient and determine the cause of the complaint.

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