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Cruises Gone Wrong: Part I of The Worst Cruise Ship Disasters of All Time

Cruises are one of the world’s most popular vacation options. Each year, over 20,000,000 individuals board a cruise ship, searching for fun and relaxation. The cruise ship industry generates over $37.5 billion for the U.S. economy. Sometimes, however, our Miami cruise ship accident lawyers know how this perfect vacation can go horribly wrong. Since 1979, a total of 55 cruise ships have sunk. One hundred and seventy two passengers have died aboard a cruise ship, and countless others have been injured. Just last week, a “Ferry,” not classified as a “cruise ship,” sank in the waters off South Korea.

This tragic event has already cost the lives of over 100 people ( recovered bodies), many of them 16 & 17 year old high school students on a trip, with about 200 more souls unaccounted for and unfortunately, presumed dead. This avoidable, yet tragic event, in and of itself will account for almost as many lost lives as all the cruise disasters since 1979. Just a short time ago lives were lost and people injured when a Staten Island Ferry in New York crashed into the pier. Further, a string of high profile disappearances aboard cruise ship add to the potential safety issues.

The following is a look at four of the worst cruise disasters of all time. This initial part of our list of cruise ship calamities is both interesting and informative, providing you with insight into what can go wrong on a cruise.

1. Carnival Triumph–just last year, a fire occurred on the Carnival Triumph which knocked out the ship’s propulsion system. The ship, carrying nearly 4,000 passengers and crew from Galveston, Texas, was supposed to embark on a four day fabulous Caribbean adventure. Instead, passengers were stranded aboard the damaged ship for eight days. The ship was left floating in the Gulf of Mexico without power, a working septic system, or air conditioning. Finally, the boat was towed to shore.

2. Carnival Splendor–two years before the Triumph’s fateful journey, the Carnival Splendor suffered a similar fate. In November of 2011, the Splendor sustained an engine fire that grounded the ship. This time, it was in the Pacific. The 4,500 passengers and crew were forced to cope with vomit, Spam meals, and reeking toilets, as they drifted without power for three days until being towed to shore.

3. Costa Concordia–in January of 2012, this Italian cruise ship wound up on its side. The ship ran aground on a reef located off the coast of Tuscany, Italy. The luxury ship sustained a gash to the hull and forced emergency evacuation of the 4,200 people on board. Thirty two passengers died in the accident and 64 were injured. The half-submerged ship still remains there today but is in the process of removal.

4. Seabourn Spirits–passengers and crew members aboard the Seabourn Spirits ship got the shock of a lifetime when they were attacked by pirates. The incident occurred in 2005, when the ship was 100 miles off the coast of Somalia. Pirates in speedboats launched an assault on the small cruise ship. The pirates were armed with machine guns and rocket propelled grenades, which they launched at the cruise ship. Fortunately, none of the 300 passengers aboard were injured and the ship made it to a port for repair of its rocket damage.

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