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The Top 7 Hazards that You Face While on a Cruise

A cruise seems like the ideal vacation for many people. A person can settle into a room and unpack one time while visiting many different ports-of-call. There are flexible dining options so one can eat at any time without having to schedule the day around set meal times. It is possible to wear nothing but shorts and flip flops the entire trip or a vacationer can drag out the sequins and pearls or tuxedo. Sometimes, it is hard to see the downside, until a person is injured as the result of one of the many hidden dangers of a cruise vacation.

At Greenberg Stone and Urbano, we know the serious injuries that happen every day on cruise ships. Our knowledgeable Miami cruise ship attorneys have more than one hundred and twenty (120) years of combined legal experience in gathering the evidence necessary to get justice for victims of cruise ship negligence, which can take many different forms.

Although there are many different events that can bring a tragic end to a memorable vacation, here are seven of the most common cruise ship injuries:

• Slip and fall accidents – The slippery surfaces and swaying decks of a cruise ship lead to many slip/fall or trip/fall accidents. The change in flooring from one section of the ship to another also contributes to many falls. These serious accidents can lead to traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and spinal cord damage.

• Drowning or near-drowning accidents – Every cruise ship has a variety of water attractions, from pools and hot tubs to wave pools and slides. Most of these areas are not supervised by licensed lifeguards, which means that guests are in danger of drowning.

• Disease outbreaks – The close proximity of passengers, common dining areas, onshore exposure to potential pathogens, contaminated food and water, and ineffective cleaning protocols all may contribute to the rapid spread of a serious illness.

• Excursion accidents – Leaving the ship to experience the excitement offered in the port cities and surrounding areas is part of the cruise mystique, but if the tour is operated in a negligent manner, the result can be a devastating injury.

• Falls from a significant height – In addition to the terrible event of a passenger falling overboard, there are many different internal balconies, ramps, and level changes that can lead to a passenger falling far enough to be seriously injured or killed.

• Criminal assault – Whether carried out by a fellow passenger or a crew member, the cruise ship is the location of many violent assaults.

• Onboard fires – While these are not as common as some of the other hazards, they do happen regularly enough to be a concern for passengers who are caught on a ship at sea when a fire causes extensive damage to the ship and people in the vicinity of the conflagration.

South Florida Cruise Ship Accident Attorneys Get Compensation for Victims

As the passenger of a cruise whose thrilling vacation led to a horrific injury, you may think that there are limited options available to you based on the disclaimers on your ticket and the international nature of the cruise industry, but the skilled cruise ship accident attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano can help you get justice. We have over 120 years of collective experience learning the tactics of the cruise industry in order to offer our clients the best legal representation possible. This commitment has earned an “AV” rating from Martindale Hubbell, and it is why we have been asked to join Primerus, an international society of leading law firms. Moreover, the Miami Herald voted us as one of the top-rated South Florida law firm, and, we have earned the title of “Superlawyers,” designating us as being among the best lawyers in America. We want to put this dedication to work for you, so call us at (888) 499-9700 or (305) 595-2400 or visit our website to schedule an initial consultation.

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