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Disney Crew Member Missing At Sea

A British crew member of the Disney Wonder was reported missing at sea a few days ago when she failed to show up for her shift and could not be found aboard the vessel before it returned to its home port in Los Angeles, according to a report by the World News.

Family Not Being Told All That Authorities Know

Ann Coriam, the mother of Disney’s missing British crew member Rebecca Coriam, said that not knowing what happened is the worst part. Ms. Coriam also expressed that “it is just too frightening to think about not seeing her again”, according to the Daily Star.

Rebecca’s cousin, Trish Davies, said that although officials on board told them that the missing crew member had made a phone call shortly before being reported missing and that they knew what the conversation was about, they were not giving the family any details of the conversation until the investigation is completed.

Watch Your Kids A Little Closer

According to an American passenger on the ship, Ron Uyen, “authorities announced that a crew member was missing”. After that – he said – “you watch your kids a little closer”…

Unfortunately, such large ships can have many potentially dangerous places (and people) on board. Accidents and even criminal acts happen there as much as anywhere else. Passengers can suffer injuries while participating in any of the following common cruise activities:

1. Diving 2. Surfing 3. Boating 4. Parasailing 5. Jet Skiing 6. Hiking 7. ZIP Lining 8. Off road excursions on bicycles, motor bikes, 4X4 vehicles like Jeeps, etc.

Crimes Are Committed There Too

As stated before, crimes are also committed on board cruise ships. For example, a Californian recently sued Princess Cruise Lines because she was sexually assaulted by a crew member.

If you or a close relative were the victims of a crime or suffered an injury while on a cruise, we urge to contact a law firm with experience handling cruise ship injury cases. Please note that these cases are usually governed by the conditions established in the ticket, which typically set a term of six months to give written notice of the claim and one year from the date of sail to file suit against the company. The Cruise Lines Injury Lawyers of Greenberg Stone and Urbano have represented passengers as well as crew members in many such cases over the years and can help you obtain the compensation you may be entitled to. Please visit our website to learn more about our firm and contact us today.

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