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Debarkation of Cruise Ship Passengers Delayed in Nassau due to Fire

According to a USA Today article, a fire that destroyed several buildings in downtown Nassau was the cause for the passengers of at least two cruise liners not being able to go ashore in Nassau as early planned this Monday. The fire was in Bay Street, which is very close to the cruise terminal.

No Injuries Due To Fire

Thankfully, no injuries were reported. Yet, given the size of the fire and how close it was to the port, the passengers on the “Disney Dream” from Disney Cruise Line and on the “Carnival Glory” from Carnival Cruise Lines had to wait until authorities in Nassau had the fire under control before being allowed to go ashore.

Cruise Lines Responsible for Passenger’s Safety

The cruise companies were right not to allow their passengers to go ashore until the danger had passed. After all, they are responsible for the safety of their passengers. Not to say that cruise lines are responsible for all injuries suffered by their passengers while on land. For example, if a passenger goes ashore on his/her own (meaning not as part of a tour sold by the cruise ship), gets into a car accident and is injured, the cruise ship company may not be liable. However, in a case like this where the possibility of harm was easily foreseeable, they may be held responsible even if the passengers are injured while on land.

On the other hand, there are situations where the cruise line is responsible for injuries suffered by it’s passengers on land. A cruise ship company may be held liable for injuries suffered by a passenger while taking part in one of the following cruise line sold and/or sponsored activities on shore:

1. Diving 2. Surfing 3. Boating 4. Parasailing 5. Jet Skiing 6. Hiking 7. ZIP Lining 8. Off road excursions on bicycles, motor bikes, 4X4 vehicles like Jeeps, etc.

We hope you safely enjoy your well deserved cruise ship vacation. However, should you be unfortunate enough to suffer an injury while on your cruise, we urge you to contact a law firm with experience handling these cases. Please note that these cases are usually governed by the conditions set forth in the ticket, which typically establish a term of six months to give written notice of the claim and one year from the date of sail to file suit against the company. The Cruise Lines Injury Attorneys of Greenberg Stone and Urbano have handled many such cases over the years and can help you obtain the compensation you may be entitled to. Please visit our website to learn more about our firm and contact us today.

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