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A Cruise Can Be A Perfect Vacation, Unless Something Goes Wrong…

Cruising is a common form of vacationing for many of us. If you want to visit several countries during your holiday, doing it while on a cruise saves you from having to deal (for the most) with flight delays, airport security, changing hotels every couple of days, etc. As a friend once told me: “in a cruise, your hotel moves from one place to the other”. On a cruise ship, the food, the accommodations and the entertainment will satisfy almost everyone…The ports of call cater to cruise passengers (their livelihood) and for the most, are friendly places that offer a variety of activities very different to those most of us engage in our places of residence.

Things Can Go Wrong in Paradise

However, as in any other form of vacation, things can go wrong during a cruise. One difference: when things go wrong on a cruise, a passenger cannot “pack his/her things” and go home…If in doubt, ask those cruising on the Carnival Splendor when it lost power during a trip last November after an engine room fire left passengers stranded at sea with no electricity, overflowing toilets and poor food. Another difference: such passengers will rarely get a refund, although it sometimes happens…

Cruise Line May Offer Refund I Case of Injuries

In some cases, the Cruise Line may offer a full refund as compensation to an injured passenger: Royal Caribbean International offered full refunds to passengers when the “Brilliance of the Seas” listed several times during a storm in the Mediterranean Sea, resulting in passenger injuries and other damages. It may have been, as the preceding article calls it, “smart customer relations”. More so if the “unhappy passengers” that “can wreck a marketing plan” accepted the full refund and subsequently hesitated to sue the company for their injuries or were required to sign some form of document fully releasing the company from liability upon accepting the “generous” refund…

Our advise: don’t let the cruise line take advantage of your situation and pressure you into accepting a refund as compensation right away…If you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries or death while on a cruise vacation or have been the victims of serious crimes while on a cruise ship vacation, you may be entitled to financial compensation by the cruise line. Even if your injuries do not seem serious at first, but you continue to have pain or discomfort you should wait until you have seen a doctor and talked to an attorney specializing in this kind of cases before deciding on a course of action. If you hesitate to talk to an attorney because of costs, please note that a Florida lawyer will not charge you for the initial consultation and will work your case on a contingency fee agreement, which means that he or she will not charge you at all, unless they win your case.

Also, please note that these cases are often governed by the conditions set in the cruise lines’ ticket, which usually establish a term of six months to give written notice of the claim and one year from the sail date to bring action against the company. Therefore, we urge to immediately contact an attorney with experience handling these cases. The Cruise Lines Injury Attorneys of Greenberg Stone and Urbano have handled many such cases over the years and can help you obtain the compensation you are entitled to. Please visit our website to learn more about us and contact us today.

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