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Cruise ship swimming pool accidents and drownings have been surfacing in the news lately.  The issue has already been raised that needless swimming pool deaths are occurring because of the lack of supervision available at these cruise ship pools.  A Florida mother has finally spoken out and has asked cruise ships to hire lifeguards to monitor cruise ship swimming pools, especially for the safety of children.

At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, we are very familiar with swimming pool accidents that occur on cruise ships.  You may have read another recent blog of ours that discusses the significance of swimming pool accidents and deaths that are occurring all too often.  This mother’s story is yet another reason why it may be time for cruise ships to start making changes to ensure cruise ship swimming pools are safer.

This Florida mother nearly lost her 4-year-old son when he drifted away from a toddler pool on a cruise ship.  Nobody noticed that the young boy was underwater for a long period of time, even nearby passengers.  By the time the boy’s parents noticed he was underwater, he was already unconscious.  He was underwater for five minutes and did not have a pulse.  The parents report that passengers performed CPR to revive their son and not crew members.  Continue reading →

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The Anthem of the Seas has once again been forced to turn back due to a severe storm forecast.  This cruise ship made headline news earlier in the month when it sailed into a massive storm, forcing passengers to remain huddled in their rooms for about 12 hours as the shipped rocked violently in 125 mile per hour winds.  Royal Caribbean appears now to be exercising extreme caution by turning the ship around in the face of some threatening weather.

The cruise ship accident lawyers at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano have followed the Anthem of the Seas saga closely.  We anticipated several more lawsuits will be filed by passengers injured and traumatized by the intense cruise earlier in the month.  It seems Royal Caribbean has truly altered its storm avoidance policy and future dangerous cruises should be avoided.

Litigation Is Starting Against Royal Caribbean

The Anthem of the Seas set sail from New Jersey on February 6 on a seven-day trip to Florida and the Caribbean.  According to news reports, when the ship set sail severe weather had already been predicted.  Despite the forecast, the captain continued to sail on the intended route.  The over 6,000 people aboard the ship experienced intense rocking and some sustained injuries and damage to their staterooms.  Many passengers were emotionally traumatized by the journey.  Continue reading →

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The life of 28-year-old Tristin was changed forever when she was held down and raped repeatedly by two Carnival crew members.  She is far from alone.  It is estimated that over 150 cruise ship passengers have been raped since 2010. Many of these rapes were committed by cruise ship crew members.

The sheer number of crew member rapes and sexual assaults has spurred some investigative agencies to examine the attitude of staff members towards passengers.  Inside Edition took on the quest, sending a staffer on a four-night cruise. The undercover staffer spotted several instances of inappropriate contact between employees and passengers, including dancing, kissing, and propositioning.  In Part II of this two-part series, we discuss the issue of crew member rapes and sexual assaults, along with liability for these catastrophic happenings. Continue reading →

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Cruise ships offer fun for the whole family.  These floating vacation havens abound with pools, slides, parties, and more.  However, behind all these attractions and glee is the potential for danger.  Cruise ships bring together thousands of people in close quarters.  Cruise ship employees come from all different countries and walks of life, as to the passengers.  These conditions combine to present the risk of sexual assaults and rapes.  It is believed that hundreds of sexual assaults and rapes have occurred aboard cruise ships in the past few years.  Many sexual assaults go unreported and others are hidden from the public eye.

Liability for Cruise Ship Rapes

Cruise ship rapes and sexual assaults can be broken down into two categories:  those committed by employees and those committed by others. Many cruise ship sexual assaults involve cruise line employees, but some have occurred at the hands of other passengers or third parties.  In this segment, we discuss rapes perpetrated by non-employees.  We address employee rapes and sexual assaults in Part II of this two part look at cruise ship rapes and sexual assaults. Continue reading →

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When most of us purchase cruise ship tickets, we may glance at the contract enclosed on or with the ticket, but few of us will analyze its terms.  However, those contract terms could become monumentally important in the event you are injured while on the cruise ship.  As such, it is vital that you read the contract before you set sail on the cruise.  This contract will provide you with much information concerning how, when, and where you can file in a claim if you are unfortunately injured or take seriously ill on the cruise ship.

The Miami cruise ship accident lawyers at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano have considerable experience with cruise ship contracts.  We understand how influential these contracts can be when filing suit for a cruise ship accident.  We also know what terms within the contract are unlikely to be enforceable, which is of considerable value to injured passengers.  Our extensive experience is vital to the success of the clients we represent, leading to their receipt of damages. Continue reading →

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No cruise ship is complete without an elaborate water slide and pool.  Cruise lines increasingly compete today to have the most daring water slides and innovative pools.  Implicitly, the pool deck is where many children spend the majority of the cruise while their parents engage in adult activities like reading or enjoying a cocktail poolside.  Unfortunately, there is little supervision in the pool area which is often crowded with kids and adults.  This leads to the potential for accidents and water slide or pool accidents can result in serious injuries.

At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, our cruise ship accident attorneys know all too well the dangers of pools and water slides aboard large cruise ships, particularly for children.  Our firm has represented a number of clients injured in water related and pool deck accidents.  These clients will often suffer severe injuries or may have even lost a loved one. We fight for our injured clients and their families to obtain the full compensation they deserve.  Continue reading →

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In October of 2013, 80 year old Elizabeth McQuillan went on a seven day cruise leaving from New Orleans aboard the Norwegian Jewel.  The trip was intended to be one of relaxation and fun. She boarded the ship and went to her cabin, but found her luggage was not there. She looked down the hallway and spotted it a few doors down from her cabin so she went to retrieve it.  However, as she walked towards the luggage there was a small step which caused her to trip and fall.  She dislocated her shoulder in the accident.  McQuillan required shoulder replacement surgery as a result of the accident. She filed suit against Norwegian Cruise Lines for a sum of $850,000 to cover her injuries and related expenses. Her case, though ultimately triumphant, highlights some of the challenges facing cruise ship accident victims.

Our cruise ship accident attorneys at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano have over 130 years of collective experience assisting cruise ship accident victims.  Our firm is dedicated to providing our injured clients with superior legal representation.  With our assistance, injured cruise ship accident victims can take on the massive cruise lines and obtain a full recovery. Continue reading →

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Thus far in 2016, there have been a few outbreaks of norovirus aboard cruise ships.  Norovirus is a highly contagious virus that causes intense stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. This illness can prove dangerous, especially for young children and older adults.  Common complications of norovirus include dehydration, malnutrition, and rarely even death.  Our cruise ship accident lawyers have found that cruise ships are potential sites of norovirus contamination due to the sheer number of people aboard and close quarters.

In January, the first norovirus case of the year occurred on a cruise ship out of Los Angeles.  Approximately six percent of passengers aboard the Crown Princess contracted the illness, leaving over 3,000 sick.  The Crown Princess has been the site of several norovirus outbreaks in previous years.

More recently, passengers aboard the Oceania Riviera took ill with norovirus.  About ten percent of the passengers are experiencing nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and the like.  The ship will be evaluated upon its return to Miami to attempt to determine the cause of the outbreak and whether the ship followed sanitation protocol. Continue reading →

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Recently, a cruise ship passenger died after a shore excursion accident in St. Kitts. The passenger was traveling aboard the Carnival Glory, a ship which departed from Miami for 10 nights in the Eastern Caribbean.  According to reports, the guest was participating in Snuba, a form of diving with air provided from above the water.  This shore excursion was apparently booked through the cruise line.  It is unclear what happened during the excursion, but the passenger experienced some sort of distress.  An ambulance arrived some 20 minutes after it was called and pronounced the man dead at the scene of the accident.

Cruise Ship Liability for Shore Excursion Accidents

The cruise ship can be held accountable for shore excursion accidents dependent upon the individual circumstances of the accident.  There are several issues that a court will consider in assessing the potential liability of the cruise line, including: Continue reading →

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Recently, the first lawsuit was filed against Royal Caribbean by an Anthem of the Seas passenger.  The lawsuit challenges the cruise line’s decision to sail despite predictions of serious storms.  The lawsuit is entitled Simpson v. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd and it was filed in South Florida.  In the lawsuit, the cruise ship passenger stated that the massive cruise ship rocked and tilted violently during the ill-fated voyage and he was flung some 18 feet against the door of his cabin, knocking him unconscious.

The Miami cruise ship accident attorneys at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano assist cruise ship passengers like those aboard the Anthem of the Seas who experience injuries and other trauma while cruising.  We are saddened to hear of the horrific experience of the passengers aboard the Anthem of the Seas and hope this cruise ship disaster provides a learning experience so that others do not have to experience the fear of these passengers in the future.  Our firm continues to provide experienced and dedicated representation to all injured cruise ship passengers. Continue reading →

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