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Carnival Cruise Line is currently the largest cruise line in the world, offering 24 cruise ships with at least two more intended to join the fleet in the next three years.  Carnival touts itself as the “fun cruise,” offering amenities that appeal to children, families, and older individuals.  Millions will ride on a Carnival cruise annually, and most will have an enjoyable trip.  However, an unfortunate few will be injured or take seriously ill while on their cruise.  They may find themselves needing to file a lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Lines due to the circumstances surrounding the accident.

At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, our cruise ship accident attorneys have assisted injured passengers in filing claims against Carnival Cruise Lines for decades.  We understand the obstacles faced by injured cruise ship passengers, especially when forced to go up against the powerful entity of Carnival Cruises. Continue reading →

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The cruise ship accident attorneys at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano know how stressful and confusing it can be to be involved in a cruise ship accident.  We offer the following look at some questions frequently asked by cruise ship accident victims.  For assistance with your individual case, call us as soon as possible after your injury.

Q:  What do I do after I have been injured on a cruise ship?

A:  You should first seek appropriate medical care.  Contact the ship’s medical center right away.  The ship should offer 24 hour medical care, ensuring you receive the medical attention you need no matter when the accident occurs. Continue reading →

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If you are injured on a cruise ship, there are certain steps you will need to take to ensure you receive the medical care you need and protect your legal rights.  At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, we understand that cruise ship accident victims may be confused following the accident.  They will likely be in pain and unsure of what procedures should be adhered to.  The following is a look at some vital steps that should be followed in the event you are injured or take seriously ill on a cruise ship.

Seek Immediate Medical Help

Your first step is to seek help immediately following your injury or illness.  The quicker you receive first aid and evaluation by the ship’s doctor, the sooner you will receive the care you need to prevent further damage and pain.  Prompt medical attention will also protect your potential case later on as it establishes the injury’s direct link to the accident. Continue reading →

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In the unfortunate event you are injured while on a cruise ship or take seriously ill, you expect to be provided with skilled medical care.  The cruise ship physicians, nurses, and medical staff are generally the only medical personnel available to treat injured passengers.  These medical professionals must provide the quality care cruise ship passengers need.  However, not all injured cruise ship passengers receive the care they deserve.  At times, medical professionals act in a negligent manner, leaving passengers with more severe injuries or illnesses and potentially even causing death.

Our cruise ship accident lawyers have assisted a number of passengers injured due to medical malpractice aboard the ship.  We understand the complex nature of these cases and will fight to see that our clients who received substandard care are provided with the compensation they deserve.

Cruise Ship Passengers Can Now Sue for Medical Malpractice

Up until recently, cruise ship passengers did not have the right to file medical malpractice claims against the cruise line.  That changed with a 2014 case that came out of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.  The case involved an 82 year old cruise ship passenger who hit his head while disembarking for a sightseeing trip.  He was transported to the ship’s medical unit, where the nurse informed him that he should return to his cabin and rest.  Sadly, it was discovered hours later that the passenger in fact had a serious brain injury that killed him within days.  Continue reading →

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When you travel on a cruise, you are provided the option of signing up to participate in a variety of shore excursions.  Examples of excursions include tours of famous sites, parasailing, scuba diving, helicopter rides, catamaran rides, and more. The cruise lines at times benefit significantly in a financial sense from your participation in these excursions, as the excursions are conducted either directly through the cruise line or via an independent contractor.  Local companies that provide the tour or other excursion may not be licensed, which could leave those injured in an accident in a tricky situation.

At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, our cruise ship accident attorneys have assisted several cruise ship passengers injured while participating in shore excursions.  We understand the complexities surrounding these cases and will fight to achieve the recovery our injured clients deserve. Continue reading →

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Thousands of crew members work aboard cruise ships in Florida and beyond.  Crew members are vital to the operation of a cruise line, providing valuable services that allow the cruise ship to run efficiently and effectively.  Unfortunately, crew members are also subjected to potential dangers and cruise ship injuries which occur at high rates.

Recently, an electrician was killed aboard the Carnival Ecstasy cruise ship as he made repairs to an elevator.  The cruise was on its final leg, returning to Miami when the elevator experienced a malfunction.  The 66 year old electrician aboard the cruise ship was apparently crushed while attempting to make repairs.  A horrifying scene ensued, with blood pouring from the elevator.  Carnival released a statement extending its sympathy to the family of the deceased employee and intends to conduct a full investigation into the matter.  Continue reading →

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A fire started aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship this past October.  The incident resulted in 21 people being treated for smoke inhalation.  The ship was traveling in the Mediterranean when suddenly passengers started smelling smoke.  Flames quickly grew and crew members rushed to emergency stations, where they were forced to remain for hours while emergency personnel worked to douse the fire.  The fire was eventually extinguished and all systems continued to function.  However, nineteen crew members and one guest suffered from smoke inhalation.

Our Miami cruise ship accident lawyers are saddened to hear of this recent fire, but not surprised.  At Greenberg, Stone, and Urbano, we have assisted a number of passengers injured as a result of cruise ship fires.  Royal Caribbean has suffered a number of large fires in recent years.  This past summer, a fire broke out aboard one of its fleet.  Two years prior, a large fire started on yet another Royal Caribbean ship and it took the crew over two hours to extinguish it.  Fortunately, no one was seriously injured as a result of the fire.  This is not always the case when it comes to ship fires, as the tragic Oceania Cruise ship accident illustrates.  On that ship, a fire started in the engine room.  An explosion happened and three people aboard were killed while others sustained serious injuries.  Continue reading →

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Our Miami cruise ship accident lawyers report that The Norwegian Escape, the world’s newest cruise ship, recently launched out of Miami.  Its maiden voyage was celebrated by rapper Pitbull and a plethora of food and drink.  The Norwegian Escape is the largest cruise ship in the Norwegian line and the fifth largest in the world.  It holds 4,200 passengers aboard its 18 decks.  Many describe it as more like a small city than a cruise ship.  The ship was built by a German creator and took over a year to complete.  It is said to be the most advanced cruise ship in the world, featuring the largest water park and rope obstacle course.

Bigger Is Not Better Unless It Is Safer

The entire cruise industry seems to be in a rush to build cruise ships bigger and bigger.  The more passengers the cruise line can hold, the better for the cruise line itself.  However, passengers do not always benefit from the larger size.  Passengers aboard colossal ships often complain of long lines and even longer waits, crowded conditions, and less personal attention.  Even more critical, these massive ships can be vectors for disease with so many people from around the world aboard.  Large ships could also lead to crowd related accidents, such as slip and falls.  Continue reading →

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A 56 year old cruise ship passenger from New Mexico died in a zip lining accident in Puerto Rico.  Police report that the passenger fell about 20 feet from the line at the Hacienda Campo Rico, east of San Juan.  Police report that the fall victim initially seemed paralyzed and complained of chest pain after the fall.  She died hours later in the hospital.  The zip line tour was organized by a San Juan based company called Ecoquest Adventures & Tours.  At least 24 cruise ship passengers visited the park on the day of the accident.

The cruise ship accident attorneys in Miami at Greenberg, Stone, and Urbano have assisted many cruise ship passengers who were injured while participating in excursions.  Cruise lines often offer a variety of excursions to enhance the experience of passengers.  These excursions can be fun, but due to the lack of regulation, they can also be dangerous.

Ecoquest was certified by an Illinois based company and all tour guides should have been trained in risk management, first aid, and rescue.  However, the company’s membership expired last year.  Although inspections are supposed to happen every year, there is no agency that ensures they actually do occur.  Continue reading →

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Our Miami cruise ship accident attorneys report that a federal jury out of Seattle awarded $21.5 million in damages to a cruise ship passenger injured by the automatic sliding glass doors aboard the ship.  The incident occurred in 2011 when the Illinois passenger set sail aboard the M/S Amsterdam, heading to Hawaii.  The 61 year old passenger, who was traveling with his wife and daughter, was in the first leg of his Holland America cruise around the world when he was hit in the face and side of the head by the automatic doors.  Holland America asserted that the passenger walked into the closing doors.  However, evidence produced in court revealed that at least 35 sliding glass door incidents had occurred prior to this incident.  It was then uncovered that motion sensors on the doors were set to open and close at a faster rate than normal.

The passenger and plaintiff in the action suffered serious injuries as a result of the sliding door incident.  He experienced a minor brain injury that has left him with seizures, memory loss, vertigo, and other ongoing difficulties.  In light of the alarming evidence as to the cruise line’s knowledge of the dangers of the doors and the passenger’s severe injuries, the jury came back with a large award.  Holland America Lines has vowed to appeal the verdict. Continue reading →

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